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At our core, we strive to make skincare easier, particularly for those balancing busy careers and personal commitments. We’re dedicated to the idea that skincare should be simple yet effective. That’s why we’re committed to facilitating smooth, transformative skincare experiences tailored to you.

your skin essentials

Multi-Action Mask

Rediscover your radiant complexion with our professionally formulated Peptide mask that effectively address and slow down the visible signs of aging.

Rejuvenating Mask

Multi-Action Serum

Get ready to glow with our face serum! Packed with a blend of natural botanical extracts, it’s like a refreshing splash of hydration and radiance for your skin. Say goodbye to dullness as it brightens, hydrates, and rejuvenates. Plus, it’s all-natural—no artificial colors or fragrances.

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Day Cream

Discover the power of SunCat MTA, a broad-spectrum sunscreen, combined with the rejuvenating benefits of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), AHA, Peptides, and the soothing properties of Witch Hazel and Algae extracts in our Luminescent Day Cream.

Luminescent Day Cream
Rejuvenating Night Cream

Night Cream

Experience the rejuvenating power of our Advanced Night Cream, where the magic of Retinol and Provitamin A teams up with the brightening prowess of Vitamin C, and the nourishing qualities of Vitamin E. With added Peptides for a collagen boost, and botanical extracts like Daisy, Licorice Root, and Yeast, your skin receives a luxurious treatment that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow.

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This comprehensive skincare set is designed to simplify your routine without compromising on quality. Inside, you’ll find everything you need: a nourishing face serum, a rejuvenating peptide mask, a protective day cream, and a replenishing night cream.


our story

Who we are

TOTA SKINCARE, founded in 2021 and based in Kuala Lumpur, is your destination for luxurious yet affordable organic skincare. Our brand is dedicated to crafting skincare formulations with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on both efficacy and sensory delight. Each product is researched, formulated, and proudly manufactured right here in Malaysia, ensuring top-quality results you can trust.

Our purpose

At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to crafting skincare products that stand as a testament to quality. We meticulously explore a wide array of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients to ensure we select only those with a proven track record of both safety and efficacy.

Our commitment towards sustainability

We prioritize sustainability by ensuring that our packaging is recyclable, contributing to a more eco-conscious economy with a reduced carbon footprint.



100% Ingredients Transparency.


Free from Parabens

Free from Phthalates



No known Endocrine disruptors

Natural Colouring

Natural Fragrance

our customers say

Since using TOTA SKINCARE, my skin feels smoother and my pores are less visible. Since its launched, i knew that this brand will become famous. I lost count to how many bottles of serum and mask i have used. They gave me the result!
Jennifer Lew
Health Insurance Consultant
I love TOTA SKINCARE's Multi-action face serum! It really helped with my sensitive and reactive skin, I always use it when ever I use retinoids or AHA/BHA
Rachel See
Finishing my first bottle of TOTA SKINCARE's face serum and getting another one tomorrow! I travel a lot and TOTA SKINCARE face serum has been amazing against dryness (post flight), texture so easy massage on skin - glides easily (major love because I do guasha). It’s a must have in skincare routine!
Haida Daut
Sales and Marketing
The TOTA SKINCARE's face serum has a multitude of benefits and has helped reduce the number of products I have had to use to achieve the same thing with just one product. Tota's serum complements my other skincare and has truly transformed my skin!
Sherliza Asli
Head of Legal
I love this serum as it soaks right upon application and it leaves no residue. Pores are immediately less visible as well. This is my new favourite serum.
Mark Beau
Performing Arts Programme Director
The Peptide Mask smells so good. I love the texture when applied. The tightening and lifting effect is felt almost immediately, leaving my skin tighter, smoother and brighter.
Manager, Corporate Sustainability
As soon as i took the Peptide Mask off, i could instantly see improvement to my facial lines which had been getting worse over the years. my skin was definitely glowing, brighter and tighter
Performing Arts Lecturer
The luxurious smell and the instant rejuvenation effect is what i adore most about this mask! A MUST-HAVES, surely!

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