The Bohr Effect

In the world of skincare, the Bohr Effect involves adjusting pH levels to boost oxygen flow to skin cells, fostering cellular renewal and vitality.

The multi-action mask not only offers immediate benefits like a purifying compound that reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide, tightening the skin with a compression effect, but also works on a deeper level. By adjusting pH levels on the skin’s surface, it initiates the Bohr Effect, enhancing oxygen delivery to skin cells. This boosts cellular metabolism and rejuvenation, synergizing with the infusion of hydrating biopolymers and potent plant molecules to draw impurities, seal in moisture, and promote skin clarity and resilience. Furthermore, the infusion of powerful peptides amplifies collagen production, reduces micro-contractions, and aids in calming and repairing the skin, ensuring a comprehensive skincare experience.

Skin Oxygenation

Skin Boosting Effect


Plump skin

Less visible wrinkles

Reduced hyperpigmentation

Smooth skin

Less visible pores